Wilde & Woolly Bears

Award-winning Teddy Bears

Personalized Bears–19″

Big Blue Bear and Baby (640x623)

Big Blue Bear and Baby Blue Bear

momma sherbet and baby pink rainbow bear 002 (534x640)

Sherbet Bear with small Pink Rainbow Bear

Rainbow bear and baby (640x538)

Pink Rainbow Bear with baby Pink Rainbow Bear

Blue rainbow bear and baby (624x640)

Shows a blue rainbow bear, 19 inches, with 10 1/2 inches baby

19″ bear with curved arms and legs which makes her very poseable.  And she can be personalized.  She’s $55 + $22 for shipping and handling.

2 comments on “Personalized Bears–19″

  1. Wilma (Dani) Daniels
    September 9, 2014

    Great idea I will ask one of the nurses.

    By the way, your books are kept as well as keepers. I have been to four resale book stores and they have none and tell me that very seldom do your books come in and the have a waiting list for them. I got on everybody,s waiting list and 2 stores called with a seal in wolf,s clothing and seduced by a wolf.


    Dani Daniels

    • terryspear
      September 9, 2014

      Oh, wow, that is too fantastic, Thanks, Dani! I’m so glad that everyone’s enjoying them so much! 🙂

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